I want to express my appreciation to Dave and to Chosen to Speak. 

 We have worked together for about a year together on improving on my speaking skills. It has dramatically affected my confidence level to speak in public.  With his mentorship it has given me techniques to improve overall communication. He has help me to find my voice and to realize the importance on how you are being received in communication. 

This ministry has been an asset to my business as a realtor beyond belief.  Through the months of his mentorship and friendship I have seen tremendous growth in my sales. More than a mentor I really believe he has the heart of person that shares our faith. With Dave you’re getting a sincere person that wants to see you develop overall. 

Communication has such affect with our relationships. I always thought I had this weak spot in my armor. Fumbling around with my communication was me. 

 Now I feel confident that I can improve in many areas and through certain practice I can get there. Finding my voice has helped me in my career, friends and family. I plan to continue this relationship because I believe in investing in your business friends and family. The source of information matters to me and with my coach speaking the truth of the Word– you are getting truth, wisdom, and education in the craft of communication. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time together and am looking forward to continuing to learn. 

God’s plan is clear to me. He put Chosen to Speak ministry in my path and for that, I am truly Grateful.

From Moises Aceves, July 24, 2020