Developing Strong Leaders in Kenya

Nathan Oloumu Updates and Photos #2 By Nathan Oloumu Greetings to you all… I am glad to report that we had a great Chosen to Speak seminar that from October 20-22. This was our second training event. I traveled from home on Wednesday to the Oloika area for the...

How to Speak to Someone in Authority

Consider how the Biblical story of Esther might improve your chances for success when you speak to authority.

Nathan Oloumu Updates and Photos #1

Our Coach Nathan Oloumu has created his own Chosen to Speak Group in Kenya. Here is some photos from his amazing journey.

Potent Pausing in Public Speaking

Breathing is as important in public speaking as the actual words that you speak. I don’t mean the air you process through your lungs but the breath between words and the gap between sentences. Most importantly, breathing is important to distinguish between ideas.