Leaders in Kenya

Southern Kenya, near the Shombole reserve, is an 9 hour drive deep into the bush southwest of Nairobi.  C2S Kenya Director Nathan Oloumu reached out sharing multiple trainings for 34 pastors and leaders throughout the region to increase their capacity to speak and to lead out in their ministries.

On March 25, these 34 leaders graduated from the training and were commissioned to take the gospel into place where it’s never been before.

“I thank God for this great opportunity that has been given to us which has transformed our life by opening up our minds to go another level,” expressed Benjamin, one of the trainees.

C2S Director Dave Arden challenged the leaders to speak out of the confidence and authority they have been given through Christ.

“I’ve been wanting to go back to school and take classes, but I have not been able to do so until this training,” reported another student. “But now I’m blessed to receive guidance from Nathan and the network.  We need this.  We need more of this.”

The Pastors and leaders of Southern Kenya were given practical opportunities to learn together and to speak together.

“This ministry has brought us success in the Kingdom since leaders have been challenged to have more faith, trust, and belief in God,” affirms C2S Kenya Director Nathan Oloumu. “The coaching has helped them to be able to reach out to many people and places, even those that are seen as impossible due to the paganism and dark traditions that reject God’s word.”