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Coach Profiles

Dave Arden

Dave Arden is the Executive Director of Chosen to Speak.  Passionate about leading and speaking—and the relationship between the two—Dave has 27 years of leadership experience primarily as a pastor, missions catalyst, writer, coach, and missionary. Ten years ago, his life changed for the better when a speaking coach came alongside him to help overcome a history of disruptive speaking problems.   Inspired to help others, he established a network of coaches and clients to encourage one another to strengthen communication through better listening and speaking. Dave has coached many clients to overcome fear and insecurities and to develop a more substantial presence and impactful voice.  He has served leaders in our network from Oregon to North Carolina, as well as spearheading efforts in Kenya, Moscow, and Brazil. Based in Arizona, he is married to Rebecca, and has two daughters, Hope and Brooke.

Rik Danielsen

Rik Danielsen began his life as a public speaker when he was a member of his high school Speech Team. After coming to know Christ during the Jesus Movement, God called him into the ministry where he spent forty-seven years honing his speaking/preaching skills. Rik continues to look for opportunities to be an encourager to pastors and others who feel called to communicate God’s message with others. His years of on-the-job training and formal education, which culminated in a Doctor of Ministry degree, have helped him point people to the Living Savior, and encourage other pastors in the battles they have faced in God’s service. Rik has experience in coaching pastors to speak, already working closely with leaders to help them strengthen their voices. Writing has been a part of Rik’s calling from the earliest days of his ministry. He has written dozens of articles for denominational publications and has recently re-released his biblical study Never Forget Eternity and has published his first fictional book You Picked the Wrong Stagecoach.

Kathleen Reed

Kathleen Reed is an award-winning journalist, a gifted communicator, and the host of the Now I See podcast. She is passionate about bringing out the best in individuals and organizations through communication, relationship building, coaching, administration, and strategic planning. With education from the University of Texas, and skills as a senior district manager of an international corporation, Kathleen has led numerous business, civic, and church organizations, including PTA (Life Member), booster clubs, The Big Event, Christian Women Job Corps, Bible Study Fellowship, Moms In Prayer, and the boards on which she serves, including C2S. Kathleen has written curriculum and taught Scripture to people from preschool to senior adult, for 35 years, and was the director of Women’s Ministries at her church for 17 years. From international students hoping to perfect their English skills to church and business leaders hoping to take their performance to the next level, Kathleen is committed to helping clients reach their short and long-term speaking and leadership goals.

R.V. Baugus

R.V. Baugus brings 42 years of professional communication experience to a multitude of platforms throughout his career including serving as senior editor of Venue Professional magazine, a bi-monthly publication of the Coppell, Texas-based International Association of Venue Managers whose members include individuals who manage arenas, stadiums, convention centers, and performing arts theaters. A graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, R.V. is also proficient with the spoken word as a facilitator at his church with the Grief Share ministry that brings together individuals who are coping with the loss of a loved one. In addition, R.V. serves as the football public address announcer for three high schools in the Irving Independent School District and as a basketball public address announcer for Nimitz High School. R.V. is a 12-time Quill Award recipient from the Dallas chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators. R.V. has the heart to help people grow in their speaking skills.

Mark Creighton

Mark Creighton is a seasoned pastor with 41 years of communication experience. Mark has spoken at Bible Conferences/churches and also done a bit of motivational Preaching. Mark’s Visions statement is to Communicate in interesting and effective ways that lives will be changed. Mark’s Mission statement  is to Walk together in Love ADDING VALUE make disciples of all people groups

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