Nathan Oloumu Updates and Photos #2

By Nathan Oloumu

Greetings to you all…

I am glad to report that we had a great Chosen to Speak seminar that from October 20-22. This was our second training event. I traveled from home on Wednesday to the Oloika area for the meeting. The journey was a little difficult since it was far from where I live.

Chosen to Speak at seminar from October 20-22

Every one of them got an opportunity to give a testimony on how they became Christians and how they accepted the call to be a leader.  We started to discuss that public speaking is the first fear in the world.  There are a few things that are more challenging than standing in front of people and delivering heartfelt testimonies. 

 We did a review of the first meeting and the things we learned.  We looked at the people who shaped our lives and what we learned from the previous lessons. We checked at the words that tore us down and undermined our values, the excuses that kept us from speaking.

Chosen to Speak meeting from October 20-22

Listening Before you Speak

We also discussed the importance of listening. We need to listen in order to understand the other person well and for us to be able to know how to respond well and create a very close relationship among other important things that comes as a result.  We learned the importance of knowing our identity and getting the right coaches in life.

We have learned that we are dedicated to growing community leaders through confidence in public speaking. We believe that this lays down a simple and efficient foundation to develop a natural style of leading. 

It is very enjoyable and uplifting to read the Biblical character of Moses in a light that is relatable to all walks of life. And also, seeing the Lord appointing Aaron to help his brother Moses. We need to be the Aaron’s of today who would help others as well.

After looking at Moses’ reluctance, it is hard to believe that this is the same man who stood before Pharaoh and led the children of Israel as they crossed the Red Sea. 

We realize that God is able to do more than we can imagine. He uses us regardless of our standards in society. He uses us regardless of our past sins and our history. We just need to step in and allow the Lord to use us and have complete trust and confidence in Him.

Thank you so much for your faithful and generous support!!

In Christian love,

Nathan Oloumu
Kenya Director
Chosen to Speak