Our Coach Nathan Oloumu has created his own Chosen to Speak Group in Kenya. Here is some photos from his amazing journey. He has been working at an Orphanage and a School in Southern Kenya. Here is some photos of his own path. There will be more to come of Nathans journey, so keep a eye out for more post.

Orphans children going for food.
Orphans children receiving Bibles and food stuffs
Distributing food for the orphans children
The orphans children in class
Baptisms in the river
I was doing the teaching the Bible class under the trees
Giving Bibles to a group of new coaches for Chosen to Speak.
Nathan leading a women Bible class
Osiligi-Oishu Children’s Home
Osiligi-Oishu Elementary Echool
Orphans children in class
  1. The name for the orphanage is Osiligi-Oishu children’s home.
  2. The home is registered as a community based organization that helps the orphans and vulnerable children.  It is not registered anywhere online.
  3. Osiligi-Oishu elementary school.
  4. The elementary school is now being managed by the government but the we do provide the services for the children in the home.

Team being coached
Distributing relief food to the needy people during this time of the drought and famine.  2021
A group of new converts
I was teaching a church that meets under the trees
Singing near the truff after baptizing people
Nathan teaching in the Villages.