Ongoing Training Changes Lives of Participants

In Southern Kenya there’s an association of 100 churches in the Meto area that need ongoing training and support for their pastors.

On March 20, 2024, Chosen to Speak Kenya commissioned 33 pastors and leaders to walk in greater authority as they speak and share the Word with others. Each leader finished the course taught by Director Nathan Oloumu.

“I am glad to let you know another group of pastors and church leaders completed the coaching and training  in Meto,” reports Nathan.  “This has brought a great impact among the churches in the area. Many of the pastors and church leaders did not have any knowledge or training and this became a great help to them as they gained confidence in public speaking, overcoming their fears, faults and having courage to the face the Pharaoh of their day.”

“From this teaching, we have learned many things.” testified Amos Kisakui. “It has really changed my life.”

Association leaders commented they were grateful that the churches now have a new leadership school to help with training for the pastors. In addition to speaking, other missions courses such as multiplication, and church planting are in the works.

“This course has given me courage to put God’s word into action,” reports Pastor Gideon Tulito.

Nathan Oloumu carries the vision to develop more pastors and leaders in order to expand the Kingdom of God in Maasai land. The Maasai tribe represents a significant portion of the population in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. The vast majority do not know Jesus intimately.

“God used Moses even though he was a stammerer, “ remembers Pastor Jackson Meel. “And he can use anybody to demonstrate his power.”

Many of the students walk a long way to attend classes.  Some of the leaders walked 20 kilometers to be there and others much further.

Thank You for Your Support!

“Thank you so much friends for your love, prayers and for your generous support,” Nathan testifies. “We are deeply thankful for the many sacrifices and efforts that you are making for us for the cause of the gospel of Christ Jesus. May the Lord’s greatest blessings be upon you all.”