I want to share a little my perspective about your course that we took together … It was just a wonderful course, which was very useful for me.  Good time.  I remember how I ran fast from work, read in the subway, studied, and prepared for the zoom ?.

What did I learn and took away for myself from this book!?  Spiritual growth, that’s for sure.  This book helps me speak fluently.  Sometimes we want to say something, but in our hearts, we are afraid that others will misunderstand us. And this pathway removes fears and all doubts.  It gives confidence.

It is very well shown by the example (Moses and his brother Aaron). This is according to the Bible.  And in life, Dave himself showed by his own example how to overcome the language barrier and become a skillful, public, and most importantly understandable speaker.

            Andrei Primak, Moscow, June 2022