For the last two years, the ministry has been supporting an orphanage and school in Southern Kenya.

The name of the school/orphanage is Osiligi-Oishu translated to mean Living Hope.

There are five major reasons to support the school and orphans—

  1. The community sees a major opportunity to share the love of Christ and the gospel by reaching out to orphans in Southern Kenya.
  2. Raising children in faith guides them to be to be true sons and daughters of our Father through Christ.
  3. Reading, writing, arithmetic, AND speaking are important for the youth.
  4. True religion, according to the book of James, involves serving widows and orphans
  5. To grow up in a healthy environment, the students need quality teachers and good friends, both of which the school supplies.

We are thankful for the resources already provided by Chosen to Speak. We now have 20 new mattresses with their covers and the 20 blankets as well for the children.   The school receives support for food, but we’re praying for more monthly partners.

We also have some needs for our property–

The current needs are:

  • Mattresses, bedding, and pillows, – $ 1,100
  • Painting the home, $1,300
  • Fencing the home – $ 7,000

“Thank you so much my dear brethren for your love, prayers and for your generous support,” affirms Nathan Oloumu. “We are deeply thankful for the many sacrifices and efforts that you are making for us for the cause of the gospel of Christ Jesus.”