Chosen to Speak is a very enjoyable and uplifting read that explores the biblical character of Moses in a light that is relatable to all walks of life.

The powerful message of God’s Word is here presented in an inspiring and easily understandable form that encourages the reader to confront the fears of public speaking and the challenges of life through the vehicle of faith.

As Moses was led by God’s grace in spite of his human flaws and personal failings we are called to experience such grace as well.

This insightful recounting of the Exodus story highlights the trials of the human condition as a personal journey which at times though daunting and painful, is nonetheless guided by the comforting and omnipotent hand of God.

Chosen to Speak is a self-reflective guide to personal growth and a deeper understanding of God’s involvement in human nature.

Studying this book helped me to put greater trust in God and His plan and compelled me to view myself and others as created in His image, drawn to reconciliation.

Ben S. Clarkdale, Arizona