Become a Coach

Interested in helping others overcome their speaking hurdles?

Chosen to Speak Ministries is always looking for new, passionate spirits to become coaches in our program. Head over to our Contact Us page and if you’re interested in starting a discussion and involving yourself!

What does it take?

A Chosen to Speak coach is someone who has the drive and compassion to help others who are struggling with public speaking. While the willingness to help and a kind spirit are the greatest prerequisites, there are a few other qualities exhibited by the best coaches:

The ideal coach is:

  • Trustworthy
  • Supportive
  • Patient and Understanding
  • Able to Speak Proficiently
  • Able to Persevere in Hardship
  • Humble
  • Honest

Being a coach isn’t easy, but can be immensely rewarding for both the coach and the lives of those they help.

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