By Nathan Oloumu

Praise God for the opportunity to equip and to encourage 27 leaders for confident leadership and speaking on September 11-13, 2023.  We came together to serve the Meto/Oloika area of Southern Kenya.


We met together at the venue called Osiligi-Oishu where we have the elementary school and the orphanage. This was second gathering with this special group of pastors and leaders,  and this is our second year of Chosen to Speak ministry.

Our primary focus this week was on the study of chapters three to six from our Chosen to Speak pathway.  We began by challenging one another to listen before we speak. We need to listen in order to understand others well and for us and build a close relationship that comes as a result.  We learned the importance of knowing our identity and getting the right coaches in life.

We believe that our pathway lays down a simple and efficient foundation to develop a natural style of leading and speaking.  Our vision is to enlarge the capacity of leadership so that our network will impact the families and communities to build the Kingdom of God.

Kenya Empowers Leaders

Thank you for praying for and supporting our ministry. 

Pray that these men and women will be strengthened with courage to witness and to teach their families and churches with boldness.

Here are a couple testimonies:

I am thankful we learned about consequences of failing to listen. We need to listen. There are things that might be right in the sight of people but they are not right in the sight of God. We need to be careful and always listen to God’s voice and look for His will. Lord help us to do a lot of consultation before making the decisions.  We need to discern our own hearts and try to look for God’s will in every situation”- Joshua Solonka, Overseer, Community Christian church


I am so glad that I learned the challenges that Moses got before listening to the voice of God. We have learned that his brother Aaron helped him. We need to be the Aarons’ of today who will help others as well. We also need to be the Moses of today who will be stand and bring deliverance from the bondage of the sin, Satan, and worldly pleasures. ”- Daniel Kikwa, Reverend, FPFK Church