By Kathleen Reed

Everyone Loves a Good Coach

Whether you are a World Series contender, like my beloved home team, the Texas Rangers, or a golf pro, or a mother in labor, everyone benefits from having a good coach. Good coaches can help a group or individuals identify goals and objectives, create opportunities for personal or professional growth and productivity, and bring clarity for better decision making, problem-solving and conflict management. They can help clients identify and cast vision for a desired outcome, (e.g, a stronger leadership voice)  and map the best path forward to achieve it. Coaches encourage, inspire, instruct, protect and propel their clients to success.

Some of the most satisfying and rewarding aspects of my work as a coach are the personal connections that result when a client opens up about their dreams, their personal stories, their present realities, their past successes, and the things that may be keeping them from reaching their next level.  Even though it’s my role to encourage and inspire them, I leave our sessions filled with hope and vision for what the client and I can achieve together. And then they go out and do it!

When clients come to me, they already have a pretty good idea of what they want to accomplish (in leading / speaking) and are actively on the road to achieving it. They have already invested something of themselves, are ready to do the work and make the changes to go from good to great. I won’t coach clients who aren’t committed to rolling up their sleeves, getting to work, and maybe getting a little messy in the process. As my former clients gained confidence, they launched speaking careers as teachers, public speakers, group facilitators, web show hosts, and social media influencers.

Ready to Elevate Your Speaking Ability?

If you are ready to elevate your ability to speak and lead with confidence and take your business or ministry to the next level, give yourself the gift of a coach this Christmas. You might also consider giving the gift of coaching to an aspiring employee, a colleague, your pastor or group leader. If you’re concerned that they might receive it the wrong way, assure them you wouldn’t be making the investment if you didn’t believe in their vision, didn’t value their current contributions, and didn’t see their great potential.

Let’s begin the coming year with competence and confidence!