Taking the course of Chosen to Speak has helped me to have courage and confidence in speaking. My faith in God has developed just like Moses when he went to face Pharaoh.  It has also help min preparing my voice and allowed me to reach other people confidently.   

As a leader I have grown to become courageous and also been able to prepare my voice and reach other people.  This course has enabled me to improve my listening and reach out to engage better with others. We are now training other men and women in Kenya on how to prepare their voice, to have faith and confidence, and to build courage to face the world. 

The course has inspired me in several ways like to stand firm in the middle of trials trusting that God will lead us and give us what to speak. We are learning to trust God and His powerful authority to spread His message and to bring freedom, as he did to the children of Israel. 

Also, this course has inspired me to overcome the forces of darkness in our generation and in our world today like the way Moses overcame the idols and the gods of Egypt. I’ve been inspired to start training other many faithful men and women to continue spreading the gospel and to stand firm for Christ.

By Nathan Oloumu, from Kenya