He grew up in the powerful land of Egypt. 

His voice would echo through the strongest nation on earth.

God would one day would raise him up to rebuke the Red Sea and make waves in the nations.  His words would echo down through the generations in leadership. 

Yet in the beginning, Moses neither sought after nor desired to speak in public.

He struggled at the outset to tame his rogue and rambling tongue. 

Nevertheless, by the grace of God Moses would rise up to lead his nation and overcome his stammering. 

Facing grave insecurities, extreme oppression, and internal dissent from within the Hebrew camp, Moses grew as a leader and led Israel to freedom.

How Did Moses Manage to Makeover His Mojo? 

Moses developed a strong relationship with God.

Moses established his calling in leadership, since chosen to speak. 

Moses was the beneficiary of coaching from Aaron, his brother.

Moses faced immense challenges that pressed him deeper into faith, courage, and character. 

The pathway to growth as a leader identifies key steps in his leadership journey including: 

  • Facing his own insecurities, relationship gaps, and character flows.
  • Viewing himself more and more as a leader through the eyes of God.
  • Overcoming an identity crisis struggling to find his calling.  
  • Developing a leadership voice through coaching. 
  • Confronting a vastly superior foe surrounded by opposition.
  • Embracing the Sovereign leadership of the Lord to overcome. 

This story relates to developing leaders today by:

  • Giving a model that inexperienced and flawed leaders can pursue to grow, to mature and to get some wins under their belt. 
  • Providing a format for a coach to draw out key questions  and gaps in the life of the leader.
  • Encouraging engagement in their local community by listening and pursuing peoples struggling for value, purpose, and a future.

Are you looking to strengthen your leadership and find your leadership voice? 

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