Hello, my name is Sergey. I am a missionary in Moscow. 

I read the book Chosen to Speak. I really liked it because the book was written on the basis of biblical stories about Moses and the chosen people. It is connected with the living testimony of the author Dave. The historical hero Moses opened up to me in a different way. I understood exactly how important it is to realize your identity in God. Understanding your call from God brings confidence and determination, knowing that the Lord is with you. 

Another important thought that I understood for myself is mentoring. Mentor is a person who helps you deal with your shortcomings and encourages your strengths. It is important for every person to have a mentor. I also understood the importance of communicating with people and with God, the ability not only to speak, listen and understand, but to ask the right questions. 

I am striving to improve my public speaking as I convey the Word of God. I received great enjoyment from interacting with my brother Dave.

Best regards, Sergey, Moscow, Russia