A Pathway to Confident Public Speakings

Chosen to Speak Testimonials. 

From students currently in our program to our Speakers who have finished it, we would like to share with you their stories, their victories, their testimonies. These are their quotes, their impressions and their thoughts about us and about finding the help they needed through our syllabus, studies and coaches.

Create Binding Relationships with Others

I went through war and people who were close to me fought me, when I compared my life to the life of Moses I get the right encouragement that I need in my life. I learned that being silent and able to listen is a great blessing and will us great opportunities to...

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The Right Coaches will Encourage and Pray ith Us

“Just like Moses, being a shepherd and getting a call as a Christian. People wanted to go with their own but the story of Moses teaches us that we need to learn and understand our call better. The story of Moses is like ours. We need to get the right coaches who will...

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Be the Moses of Today

“I am so glad that I learned the challenges that Moses got before listening to the voice of God. We have learned that his brother Aaron helped him. We need to be the Aaron's of today who will help others as well. We also need to be the Moses of today who will be in a...

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Words Failed Me

Words fail me. No literally they failed me for years.  My tongue peppers out fragmented words like popcorn.  ...

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An Asset to My Business

I want to express my appreciation to Dave and to Chosen to Speak.   We have worked together for about a year together on improving on my speaking skills. It has dramatically affected my confidence level to speak in public.  With his mentorship it...

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A Helpful Read

Chosen to Speak is a very enjoyable and uplifting read that explores the biblical character of Moses in a light that is relatable to all walks of life. The powerful message of God’s Word is here presented in an inspiring and easily understandable form that encourages the reader to confront the fears of public speaking and the challenges of life through the vehicle of faith. As Moses was led by God’s grace in spite of his human flaws and personal failings we are called to experience such grace as well. This insightful recounting of the Exodus story highlights the trials of the human condition as a personal journey which at times though daunting and painful, is nonetheless guided by the comforting and omnipotent hand of God. Chosen to Speak is a self reflective guide to personal growth and a deeper understanding of Gods involvement in human nature.
Studying this book helped me to put a greater trust in God and His plan and compelled me to view myself and others as created in His image, drawn to reconciliation.

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More Courage and Confidence

Taking the course of Chosen to Speak has helped me to have courage and confidence in speaking. My faith in God has developed just like Moses when he went to face Pharaoh.  It has also help min preparing my voice and allowed me to reach other people confidently.   

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Testimony from Moscow 2

 I want to share a little my perspective about your course that we took together ... It was just a wonderful course, which was very useful for me.  Good time.  I remember how I ran fast from work, read in the subway, studied, and prepared for the zoom...

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Testimony from Moscow

Hello, my name is Sergey. I am a missionary in Moscow.  I read the book Chosen to Speak. I really liked it because the book was written on the basis of biblical stories about Moses and the chosen people. It is connected with the living testimony of the...

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